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Siebel Analytics/Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Consultant

Certified Siebel Analytics Consultant with extensive experience implementing Siebel Analytics/Oracle BI Horizontal and Vertical Applications; Expert knowledge on multidimensional modeling, Data Warehousing, ETL process and applications pre-built metadata;


Siebel Analytics/Oracle BI EE

Friday, March 14, 2008

Oracle Siebel Applications Unlimited (FAQ:4)

13. Oracle announced availability of JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 8.12 today; will there be additional releases post release 8.12?
Oracle is already working on release 9.0 of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne product line. We have been working with our customer advisory boards on the detailed content and priorities.

14. Will JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers have to move to a different hardware platform or operating system because of Applications Unlimited?
No. All JD Edwards EnterpriseOne customers can remain with their chosen and supported hardware and operating system selections, including HP-UX. Applications Unlimited includes Oracle's continued support and certification of supported platforms.

15. How is Oracle going to address support for new releases of WebSphere and DB2?
PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards customers have been assured that Oracle will continue to support the infrastructure products (hardware, operating systems, databases and middleware) that were supported prior to the acquisition. PeopleSoft, Siebel and JD Edwards have a policy of ensuring seamless support of these products by certifying our applications with new releases of platform components as rapidly as possible. Oracle's policy includes providing customers sufficient lead-time to adopt and deploy new releases of infrastructure products prior to their retirement by the supplier. Oracle continues to work with our third-party infrastructure vendors like IBM to ensure that new releases of Oracle applications support current releases of WebSphere and DB2, offering customers the ability to derive ongoing benefit from their technology investments.

16. How does Oracle plan to communicate the Applications Unlimited strategy to the customers?
Oracle has launched the start of “1,000 Events: Oracle Applications World Tour.” At these events, held in cities across the globe, Oracle executives and experts will provide an update on the strategy and direction of the current Oracle Applications and discuss Applications Unlimited, Oracle’s plan to provide ongoing enhancements to the current Oracle Applications beyond the delivery of Oracle Fusion Applications in 2008. Additionally, the events will address the evolutionary path customers can take to move to Oracle Fusion Applications.

Oracle Siebel Applications Unlimited (FAQ:3)

9. How is Oracle Fusion Middleware related to Oracle’s Applications Unlimited Program?
Applications Unlimited provides additional time to get more value out of current investments but business requirements continue to evolve. Oracle Fusion Middleware enables organizations to take advantage of increased flexibility and cost-savings via SOA, security and compliance with its security and audit capabilities, and additional insight and alignment with portals, collaboration, and business intelligence tools—today.

10. Will there be another release of Oracle E Business Suite after release 12?
We plan to make additional enhancements to the Oracle E-Business Suite beyond version 12. Oracle is currently in the planning stages on the details of the enhancements and how they will be delivered.

11. Oracle has already announced plans for PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0 releases in the next 12 months; will there be additional releases after the 9.0 releases?
Oracle is in the early planning stages of the post-9.0 releases. We are currently working with our customer advisory boards to determine the priorities for those releases.

12. Oracle has announced plans for a Siebel 8.0 release in the next twelve months; will there be additional releases after the Siebel 8.0?
Oracle is in the early planning stages of the post-8.0 releases, and we are working with customers to prioritize requirements.

Oracle Siebel Applications Unlimited (FAQ:2)

5. Will customers need to move to the Oracle E-Business Suite before upgrading to Oracle Fusion Applications?
No, customers will not be forced to move to the Oracle E-Business Suite prior to an upgrade to Fusion Applications. There will be no forced upgrades, and customers can count on Oracle’s unique Lifetime Support Policy to protect and support their existing applications.

6. Is Oracle taking on too much; that is, can you really continue to enhance the current applications while investing in the next-generation applications?
When Oracle acquired PeopleSoft, JD Edwards, and Siebel, a vast majority of their development and support teams were retained. In addition, we plan to leverage our Fusion Middleware platform and infrastructure investments across all product lines. Prior to the acquisitions, each of the product lines had significant resources allocated to individual next-generation initiatives. The combined companies have more resources than the acquired companies had separately. These resources can be focused on functional enhancements instead of overlapping development on infrastructure for each of the product lines. Oracle is moving toward establishing separate business units for each product line.

7. How is Oracle taking input from customers as it develops the next product releases?
Oracle is working closely with our customer communities - including our CIO Advisory Board, Product and Industry Strategy Councils, and Customer Advisory Boards (CABs) - and with individual customers to determine product direction. We are also dedicating extensive time to analyzing customer enhancement requests, across all product lines. In addition, Oracle's independent global User Groups have created a single "Fusion Channel", through which user group members worldwide can assist and provide feedback directly into our development effort. To learn more about how to get involved with the Fusion Channel initiative, contact your local User Group, or go to for more information.

8. How does this announcement impact the 2013 support timeline?
Oracle has already announced the Lifetime Support Policy for all product lines. The Lifetime Support Policy provides access to technical experts for as long as you license your Oracle products, and it consists of three support stages: Premier Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support. It delivers maximum value by providing you with rights to major product releases, so you can take full advantage of technology and product enhancements. Oracle’s Lifetime Support Policy also puts you in control of your upgrade strategy. Our flexible support policy stages make it easier for you to plan and budget for Oracle’s exclusive product upgrades. We plan to maintain all our families of products as long as they remain viable. This means that there is no longer a minimum 2013 support date.

Oracle Siebel Applications Unlimited (FAQ:1)

1. What is Oracle Applications Unlimited?
Applications Unlimited is Oracle’s plan to continue providing ongoing enhancements to current Oracle Applications beyond the delivery of Oracle Fusion Applications. Applications Unlimited will provide customers with more visibility into our existing product roadmaps and help them derive continual success with their current applications by delivering dedicated, world-class development and support for years to come. Applications Unlimited is driven by Oracle’s commitment to protecting customer’s investments.

2. How is the Applications Unlimited strategy beneficial to Oracle customers?
Oracle is giving customers the option to choose what is best for their business. Customers can continue to derive value from their existing applications, which we plan to continuously update or they can upgrade free of charge to future technologies if there is a business case to do so. It is entirely the customer’s choice.

3. How will the Applications Unlimited announcement impact the Oracle Fusion timeline?
Applications Unlimited will not impact the scheduled 2008 delivery of Fusion Applications. In addition to providing ongoing enhancements to the current Oracle Applications, Oracle has dedicated development teams designing the first release of Oracle Fusion Applications and working through upgrade scenarios with customer advisory boards and user groups. The scale of our applications business allows us to continue investing in all existing products, which in turn allows us to address a wide range of customer requirements. Oracle Fusion Applications, which is built completely on industry standards, will simply represent another addition to the Oracle Applications family.

4. Will I have to wait for Fusion Applications to get new functionality?
Dedicated development teams will work closely with customer advisory boards and user groups to design new releases and functional enhancements to current Oracle Applications product families. As part of these enhancements, Oracle plans to deliver next-generation application capabilities, such as XML reporting, data hubs, Business Process Execution Language (BPEL), business activity monitoring (BAM), and industry-specific analytics to the current Oracle Applications. These next-generation enhancements will leverage the same industry standards and technologies that we plan to use in Oracle Fusion Applications, preserving your investments.

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